Whenever founder Cara Ianuale visited museums, she mainly viewed the work of male artists. But while she greatly admired various male greats like Haring, Monet, Matisse and Rembrandt, she wanted to see more artists like her. Thus, the PurplePrint was born.

For centuries, gender minorities were unable to showcase their works in respected institutions. The PurplePrint’s gallery aims to strike down those sexist restrictions and celebrate the incredible, wide-ranging talents of female and non-binary artists, because we believe that an artist’s gender identity should not bar them from receiving their due respect. We also aim to foster deeper discussions on the role gender continues to play in the art sphere. Viewers can read more about the individual artists, and discover how their life experiences and gender may have contributed to the messages in their artwork. The blog and podcast also contain many discussion topics and resources eager viewers can explore.

Behind the Name

The name “PurplePrint” reverts patriarchal ideologies, playing with the gendered colors of blue and pink. A blueprint is the original design, the model to be imitated, the foundation on which details are built. Interpreted through a lens of gender, the term “blueprint” can symbolize a patriarchal world around which all institutions, like museums and markets, revolve. The idea of the “PurplePrint” subverts the notion that the world caters to men, declaring the power of gender equity to be admirable and foundational to success. Why purple? Blues and pinks combine to produce purple hues, representing the beautiful spectrum of gender the human race displays.

See a message from the founder here.

Cara Ianuale

Founder & President

Cara Ianuale is a seventeen-year-old girl who is fascinated with the valuable stories told by artists across the gender spectrum. She has worked for contemporary art gallery Gold/scopophilia and is the president of her school’s Art History & Equity Club. Her artwork is forthcoming or has appeared in Augment Review, Corporeal Literary Magazine, HEBE, Paper Crane Journal, Celebrating Art’s Summer 2021 Anthology and more. See her founder’s message here.

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