Bianca Divito

Bianca Divito is one of few female glass artists in Ireland. Earning a degree in Architectural Glass at the Swansea Metropolitan University in Wales, she spent her early career working internationally on conservation of stained glass. Notable institutions she worked for include Canterbury Cathedral and Holy Well Glass Studio, as well as York Glaziers Trust and Peter’s Glass Studio in Paderborn. She then founded Divito Studios in Wexford, Ireland, where she currently creates contemporary glass art pieces and offers occasional courses on glass art. Her work has remarkably found its way into the homes of Danny DeVito and David Essex. On her favorite part of her work, she states, “I’m working with an art form that is essentially more three-dimensional rather than two-dimensional and which plays a huge role controlling light and influencing the atmosphere of interiors” (original interview here). She also has an online shop where patrons can purchase a range of beautiful handmade gifts.

Divito has been featured in various magazines, articles, a podcast and more. Check out some of her press below!

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