Chatting with Monica Olivo (cont.): Future Goals and Advice to Aspiring Artists

This is the final part of the series with the lovely Monica Olivo! If you would like to view her work, you can check out the PurplePrint’s gallery and her biography, or go to her site, subtracted.space. We wrapped up our conversation by discussing her future artistic goals and her mission as an artist. And to all the people contemplating becoming an artists, she has one main piece of advice: “Do it!”

Chatting with Monica Olivo (cont.): Artistic Inspiration, An Average Day as an Artist and More

Continuing last episode’s conversation, Monica and I talk about her favorite mediums, how she finds inspiration, how her days are structured as an artist, and what she does to stay productive. Also: how do artists balance commissions with original projects? Listen to find out! I hope you enjoy.

Chatting with Monica Olivo: Her Background and Bias Against Women in Art

Today, I had the pleasure of speaking with PurplePrint artist Monica Olivo. We chatted about how she, a registered nurse, discovered her passion for art and transitioned to being a full-time artist. We also discuss the bias against the arts that particularly affects girls and women. I hope you enjoy!

An Interview with Margaret Ricciardi (Part Two)

Today, we continue the conversation with 107-year-old acclaimed painter and sculptor Margaret Ricciardi. She gives advice to young, aspiring artists and reminisces on a funny experience with a particular customer. And if there’s one thing you, artist or not, take away, it’s this—to “have fun at every age,” as she says. Thank you to Margaret Ricciardi for speaking with me, and thank you to everyone who helped arrange this interview!

An Interview with Margaret Ricciardi (Part One)

I was honored to have a conversation with 107-year-old artist Margaret Ricciardi, whose impressionist paintings and sleek sculptures have earned her exhibitions and honors in the Museo dell’ Emigrante in Naples, Gregg Gallery at the National Art Club, Snug Harbor Cultural Arts Center and more. We discuss if she prefers painting over sculpture, and why, where she draws inspiration from her artwork and more. Stay tuned for part two!

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