Mary Ellen Stadtlander

Mary Ellen (right) in her older sister’s (left) studio where she worked, shot the exact day Mary Ellen decided to become a photographer

“Taking pictures is in my bones”

Mary Ellen Stadtlander is a freelance editorial and fine art photographer based in the New York City metropolitan area. Her first tool at ten years old was a Kodak instamatic camera, yet the plastic lens and drugstore processing didn’t deter her from furiously snapping photos 24/7. Eventually, her parents bought her a Canon AE-1, which enabled her to take her art to another level. She worked as a professional photographer’s assistant right after high school and was fortunate enough to work for several magazine photographers beginning in 1978.

It was in this arena that she hung out in vast, white photo studios with lit sets and loaded film, going on lab runs in a gritty yet deliriously artsy section of New York City. She spent thousands of hours in darkrooms utilizing all types of films, chemicals and papers. Analog photography was a perfect fusion of art and science to her. With this background, she is able to navigate the thousands of new tools digital technology has to offer. Her current go-to camera is a Fujifilm X100V.

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