I Published a Children’s Book!

I am so excited to announce the release of “26 Women Artists from A to Z” (available here on Amazon). I wrote, illustrated and self-published this book to introduce the important artistic contributions of a range of women artists in an easy, fun way to young readers.

Among my fondest memories are recollections of reading to children. I used to volunteer at a local preschool (the one I went to, in fact) and right before parents arrived for pickup, I’d pull up a chair and read a story to the group of kids at my feet. I loved how absorbed they were in the story, how they eagerly took in every passing word and illustration. I felt so much happiness in encouraging their imagination. And yet, I also felt concern.

The kids were so perceptive and so impressionable. I worried that they would quickly pick up on societal stereotypes, conventions and restrictive norms depicted in anything they saw or heard. I thus became inspired to create a book that introduces young readers to the beauty of diversity, with the hope that broadening their worldview will encourage love and acceptance.

Because I’m partial to gender representation in art (clearly), I chose to highlight the art of women artists. Women artists, especially BIPOC and other marginalized women, have been largely ignored throughout art history. In an attempt to remedy those inequalities, I made sure the women in this book range in terms of race, religion, culture, age and more.

This project really was the perfect combination of my desire to uplift women artists, my fondness for kids, and my love for writing and drawing. I hope you find this book as fun as I found it to make. You can purchase it on Amazon as an e-book here. I will also be donating copies of it through The PurplePrint. As always, thank you for your support!

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